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Soap Soundz® Brand of soaps and washes are the property of International Product Solutions, Inc. a consumer product development and manufacturing company in operation since 2001.  We are currently distributing the Soap Soundz® line through our extensive list of retail chain partners.  Soap Soundz® can be found in many mid to large sized retail chains throughout the U.S.  Our products have also been sold through various direct marketing (television) companies.

Soap Soundz® was started with the idea of helping people stay more healthy by encouraging more frequent hand washing. Our Patented sound emitting musical pump top is the perfect product to spread the holiday cheer throughout the year and has been purchased by millions of people over the years. Providing out consumers with a FUN, INSPIRING and QUALITY product is what we strive for, which is one reason we produce ALL our soaps in the United States.

Don't just take our word for it, we have thousands of happy customers around the world!

We will do our utmost to make sure our customers are 100% happy with our product!

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From humble beginnings...come great things.

Soap Soundz® started as a idea to motivate people to stay more healthy by encouraging simple hand washing...which is still one of our main missions today!

- Finnish Proverb

At SOAP SOUNDZ® we are always striving to improve our product and develop new and fun versions of our soap.

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